B.E.N. | Baycrest Environment Navigation
B.E.N. was designed to serve as an innovative wayfinding solution for visitors of Baycrest Health Sciences. This was a collaborative project which involved deep research into healthcare environments and cognitive decline in seniors. My team, Ariadna Sonairos and Mark Liu, ultimately designed B.E.N. which stands for "Baycrest Environment Navigation." 
This beacon-inspired device will be installed at various intersections of the hospital. Upon entering, visitors with appointments will be provided with a programmable card (by hospital security) that contains each visitor's appointment information i.e. room, time, doctor. On their way to the appointment, if the visitor feels that they require assistance, they can simply locate their nearest B.E.N. and tap on it with their card. They will be provided with directions to their destination from their current location. 
After deciding on form factor and technology, we sketched, rendered and vacuum formed the prototype.
There's a video showing the entire user journey at the bottom of the page.
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